About Us

Bearbeary is jeans brand that fulfil a desire of Thai girl with internationally polyester fiber technology which is make our jeans are comfortable and flexible trousers. In design part we created politely pattern and shape for arc of woman body. Our jean pattern has unique style, we care every detail of manufacturing by our vision to give you a brilliant product that make you gain more confidence and suit any activities of your life like a “dream jean” which you can own it in real life.


A woman always has to be beautiful and good looking, when we get older we need to wear comfortable clothes, good ventilation, softly touch for your skin and can wear for every opportunity. Some of customer has a bad experience from wearing jean and then they change to wear another kind of trousers an example are they have to cut or fixed jean shape, product was made by hard material or it does not suit their body. From this pain point we always try to develop our product to solve all your problem if our product is not 100 percent of our standard we will never launch it. We desire to serve customer by our perfectly jeans only.

Brand History

Bearbeary or our nickname “Jeans pee mee” was created from the person who love to wear a jeans and found problem that not every jean suite her body such as bigger size , too long legs and it has to be fix after she bought it. The main reason is every jeans brand design a general pattern for worldwide market.

Back into 2013, the golden era of online market in Thailand specifically Facebook. Many brands and seller join this competition with main focus that “High demand product must be cheap price” it also affected to customer that they were forced to use a cheap product automatically because less of distributor invest a high-quality material for their product but “Mae Kai” brand owner and designer, start this brand from online marketing. She fell in love with jeans since she was high school girl to university regime because jean is easy to wear and suit for every opportunity for instance go to travel, go to university, go to work. On the other hand, it can mix & match with any style of shirt. Afterwards, she found her passion about jean since she experienced comfortable jean but not suit for Asian girl body shape. On that time she has knowledge about dressmaking and she has an idea that she desire to make a brilliant jeans for Asian girl body shape.

On that time, her jeans were made by Lycra brand, internationally polyester fiber. She started to find factory and information about this type of fiber for making the first collection with higher investment for another jeans brand. “At first, I concerned that if we launch our first jeans to the market, could we get a customer attention?” because we were newest jean brand and our price was too expensive than other and in additional Mae Kai began from online platform, customer cannot try to wear and feel the difference of jeans by touching it. By the way, Mae Kai took a time just for a week to sell first 100 jeans and received a huge surprisingly review from customer then increasing of manufacturing was changed from hundred per lot to thousand to ten thousand. “Our product get on high demand by spread widely from customer” for instance “Only wearer knows”, “Only someone who wear it and go to bed knows” or etc., which we adapted it to be our slogan nowadays.


Our customers are in Thailand and nearby country and also Thai who lives oversea still trust in our jeans, they ordered it although delivery cost is very expensive.

“We have to make a high-quality product” this quote is our brand DNA, we believe that good material, honesty and open mind for consumer will be the key of success. Mae Kai said Bearbeary team is customer representation, if we want to buy a jeans we need a suitable one , suit for body shape and charming like the quote that said “You are what you eat” in opposite side if you choose the good clothes you will get a good looking.