What type of jeans are called low, medium, high waist jeans?

Jeans nowadays are designed in a variety of styles to suit a various type of female body shapes. And to help woman choose their favorite jeans more professional and most suitable for woman body shape.

How important to choose the waist of a pants?

Choosing the waist style of the pants is very important because the size or leg length

Can still be edited but the appearance of the waist can’t be fix. Therefore, it has to choose well to suit to your body shape.

Therefore, Bearbeary would like to introduce the jeans that called low waist, mid waist and high waist.

Low waist jeans

The waist of low waist jeans will be at the hip area. This will enhance the concave part of your body while wearing low waist. That makes it look more revealing but it will suit to people with long legs, not suitable for people with short legs because it will make them look smaller.

Mid waist jeans

The waist of mid waist jeans is located between the waist and hips. It will suitable for almost all types of body shape. The waist not too low or too high, it goes well with every look and every style.

High waisted jeans

The waist of high waist jeans is located at the area that near to the navel. High-waisted jeans are the most popular waist. It looks good when you wearing it. Also, helps to enhance your legs and make you look taller and it can match with every look.