What’s the difference between price of jeans with a ten thousand jeans and a hundred jeans?

It is probably already known that today there are so many brands that produce jeans. And there are high competition in terms of prices in order to meet the needs of various types of customers.

Including various factories that produce jeans that cost hundreds bath out to support the needs of another type of customer with a relatively limited in purchasing ability.

So, what is the difference between a pair of pants that cost ten thousand Baht and a pair of pants that cost a hundred Baht?

What is the different and what is the point of the customer satisfaction between the quality or the price?

Let’s find the answer by paragraph below.

Of course, ten thousand Baht pants have neater and more detailed in tailoring with better fabric.

On the other hand, the hundred Baht pants, people would interpret it as a lower grade pants which use the sewing that is not detailed and the fabric of relatively low quality. But with a good price which is lower price. Because it focuses on making a lot of pieces. Which may have different advantages and disadvantages.

So what kind of pants are suitable for people with a medium budget with good quality?

Bearbeary’s jeans are designed to support the Thai woman’s shape.

It is also meticulous in designing the jeans, good sewing and fabric selection.

To ensure that you get the best quality pants even if the price is a few thousand but the quality is definitely equal to the big brands.